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Scaling for P2P loans & PDL

Sustainable development of the P2P market over the past 15 years allows building a long-term business that is not subject to outside influence.

Global market

More than 300 PDL service companies open every day around the world. The use of P2P principles opens up unlimited opportunities for making money in the PDL market.

Big data

Hoffman-Graham analytical algorithms collect information about transactions from all over the world and finance the most reliable and profitable ones.

Machine learning

Hoffman-Graham uses a unique self-learning trade selection algorithm. Each loan financed collects a lot of important information to make the company even more reliable and profitable.

Exclusive Offers

Login Country Trust Amount Rate Term Application action Payout chance
CDC Small Business Finance Corp 0.7 8 500.00 1.61% 47 days Borrow
Creditex 0.9 7 100.00 1.34% 49 days Borrow
Unity Microloans 0.8 8 950.00 1.57% 36 days Borrow
BCNA NY 0.9 7 550.00 1.37% 54 of the day Borrow
Cofinoga 0.7 3 900.00 1.76% 44 of the day Borrow
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