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About the company

Hoffman-Graham is an IT platform that embodies the modern hybrid P2P model, based on direct economic relations with the presence of a regulatory company in the middle. Hoffman-Graham provides partners with the opportunity to be on the other side of the PDL market and benefit from it. The company's software continuously monitors the global PDL loan market, weeds out unreliable low-yield offers and supports the most promising and profitable deals with finance.

Hoffman-Graham has no plans to stop there. The world does not stand still, market trends are constantly changing and there are only 2 things that remain unchanged: people always need money and people always want to make money. Our goal is to create something more than just a platform for making money: we are creating an instrument that will become a modern alternative to the banking system that will forever change the familiar world of finance.


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What is the mission of Hoffman-Graham?

Hoffman-Graham's mission is an evolutionary leap in finance. The usual banking system is outdated and the world needs a new format of monetary relations. Hoffman-Graham is creating an alternative system that will completely oust banks from the financial services market within 10 years.

How does Hoffman-Graham make money?

Hoffman-Graham has unique software that verifies PDL applications received by the company from credit companies around the world. The most promising of them are funded by Hoffman-Graham money. The profits from the financed PDLs are shared between the partners and the company.

Why can I be confident in Hoffman-Graham?

Hoffman-Graham is registered in the UK and operates under the laws of the United Kingdom. The company's field of activity is the rapidly growing market for high-yield PDL transactions. All financial assets of partners are insured by the British insurance company UK Insurance Limited. In addition, Hoffman-Graham has its own company insurance fund, which guarantees its partners a profit from PDL financing.

How to become a partner?

To become a Hoffman-Graham partner, you need to registration , deposit money into your personal account with the company and place a deposit in one of the current loan financing offers. More details on the page "Earn with us"

What are “Hot Loan Financing Proposals”?

This is the main tool for earning partners. It includes sets of PDL deals with the most attractive profitability / reliability ratio. By placing a deposit in one of the current offers, you partially finance several PDLs and receive a guaranteed profit every business day.

What are the benefits of an affiliate program?

The main advantages of the affiliate program are in receiving bonuses and increasing the partner's rank. You can read more details on the page "Affiliate program"

How can I deposit money into my personal account?

You can deposit money to your personal account using such electronic payment systems as Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum. In some cases, bank transfers are possible (to deposit money into your personal account in this way, contact the technical support department).

How can I withdraw funds from my personal account?

To do this, you need to save your wallet number in your personal account at least one of the available electronic payment systems (Please note that the wallet can be specified only once for each of the systems. You cannot change the wallet address yourself. To do this, you will have to contact the technical support department and go through the additional verification procedure so that we can make sure that the wallet is being changed by the account owner).

The minimum amount to pay out in cryptocurrency is $ 50.

Withdrawals take place every business day within 24 hours.

I am the head of a lending institution. How can I start working with Hoffman-Graham?

For answers to questions about partnership, see the Partnership page. In addition, you can address any question on cooperation to [email protected] .


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Company registration

Hoffman-Graham LTD is a private limited liability company. Operates under UK law under license No. 12758408 issued by the UK Companies House. All rights reserved.


All deposits of partners are insured by UK Insurance Limited with more than 45 years of experience in commercial insurance. Insurance certificate No. 200503378

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