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What is Exclusive offers

Exclusive offers are a special type of deals available to partners with the rank of Middle Partner 3 and higher. Having reached the desired rank, any partner can choose one of the available Exclusive offers and book it for 24 hours. Over the next day, he must fully finance this transaction with his deposits and the deposits of the team members.

Benefits of exclusive offers

The main advantage of such deals over standard ones is a higher percentage of profit. Each time you finance one of the loans, you are guaranteed to receive higher returns than standard loan financing offers. Profit interest is accrued at the end of the loan term along with the body of the deposit.

Earn money with the team

Every time a partner books a deal, it appears in the personal account of all members of the partner's team and each of them can participate in financing this deal. After the transaction has collected the required amount, the money will be sent to the borrower. At the end of the loan term, partners will receive a profit in multiples of their contributions.

Self-learning software Hoffman-Graham

The Exclusive offers section includes deals, the reliability coefficient of which is slightly lower than that required for their inclusion in the list of loans financed by the company. However, such deals are highly attractive for both partners and Hoffman-Graham. Each financed loan from the Exclusive offers section allows the company to collect a huge amount of important information that allows the Hoffman-Graham analytical algorithms to self-learn. The more Exclusive offers are funded by partners, the smarter the company's software will be, which will significantly increase the profits of all Hoffman-Graham partners.

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