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Changes to the referral system took effect

Dear partners!
We are glad to inform you that the work on the implementation and testing of the new referral system has been successfully completed. You can find a detailed description of the current system on the "Referral Program" page.

Please draw your attention to the following fact: although the ranks of partners will be changed on 12.24.2020 at 00.00, all subsequent changes will occur only on the first day of each month.

From 21.12.2020
Technical work in progress

Dear partners,
This weekend, technical work will be done on the site.

A global update is being prepared aimed at introducing and calibrating the work of the new referral system.
Some of the site's functions related to your personal account will not be available until 12.21.

Best regards, Hoffman-Graham.

From 18.12.2020
Long-awaited changes

We are glad to inform you that the first week of December turned out to be extremely favorable for our community.

Due to the latest changes in the UK tax legislation aimed at eliminating the consequences of the pandemic, Hoffman-Graham has the opportunity to optimize tax expenses and increase the profitability of the company's standard investment packages.

Changes in the yield of investment packages will take effect on December 5, 2020.

From 05.12.2020
Report for the first month of work

The first month of work turned out to be very rich in events, emotions and discoveries.
I am impressed and inspired by the first results and now I look ahead with even more confidence.

The most notable event of the last week was the introduction of a ranking system for partners, and now every result-oriented leader will clearly understand what he is striving for and what efforts need to be made to achieve the goal. You can familiarize yourself with the ranks in more detail on the "Referral Program" page.
Follow the news, there is still a lot of interesting things ahead.

Company founder, Benjamin Hoffman.

From 20.11.2020
Report on the first two weeks of the company

Dear partners!

We are pleased to announce that after the initial two weeks of Hoffman-Graham's work, a meeting of the Hoffman-Graham board was held, at which the first results were discussed, the company's course was corrected and your feedback and suggestions were analyzed.

Following the meeting, the following adjustments were made:

  • Interest rates have been increased for the company's standard investment plans.
  • Added a short-term ten-day investment plan.
  • A motivation system for leaders of active teams has been thoroughly worked out. Changes in the referral structure of the company will be introduced soon and will be described in detail.
  • The possibilities of using your personal account have been expanded.

Every great achievement starts with a small step. Thank you for making this step so exciting, interesting and challenging.

Best regards, Hoffman-Graham

From 09.11.2020