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Loyalty program

Hoffman-Graham is a unique self-developing IT platform that works with PDL organizations around the world. Our goal is to introduce an innovative P2P mechanism that will enable residents of all countries to exchange financial services and make profits directly without intermediaries. This system will show how outdated the banking system of the world is and will become the basis of a new economic formation. To achieve this goal, it is important to rapidly spread the idea around the world. And this can be done only with the help of a loyal and interested community. That is why Hoffman Graham has an affiliate program implemented to motivate partners to attract new members.

What can I get by inviting new members?

Each partner who invites new members Hoffman Graham receives several types of bonuses at once.

1. Cash Bonuses. If the member you have invited has contributed to one of the current loan financing offers, you will receive a cash bonus. The bonus amount is calculated from the difference between the current amount of active deposits and the maximum amount of active deposits of the partner. Please note that the higher your rank in the company, the more partner levels are available to receive bonuses. In total, you can receive bonuses from 10 partner levels.

Depth level *

Deposit Percentage

Level 1


of the deposit

Level 2


of the deposit

Level 3


of the deposit

Level 4


of the deposit

Level 5 - Level 6


of the deposit

Level 7 - Level 10


of the deposit

2. Additional bonuses. Each partner of Hoffman Graham has a special status in the company - a rank. The higher the rank, the more privileges the partner gets. Reaching a new rank is accompanied by receiving a more valuable reward. You can find out more about ranks, conditions for achieving them and rewards in the table below.

* Rank is assigned only when all conditions are met. The rank is assigned at 00.00 on the first day of each month and remains until the end of the calendar month. During this entire period, you can enjoy all the benefits that your status gives you.
Important: your rank may drop if the conditions necessary to maintain or increase your rank are not met.